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I’m having to rebuild this site pretty much from scratch as I’ve had a SQL database failure / corruption. I’m still in the process of seeing what I can recover.

There are four of us in our family, Pete and Georgina with our two children, Hannah aged 10 and Joshua aged 8.

We live and work in Gloucestershire.
Pete works for 1&1 Internet, and Georgina works for the NHS in Gloucester.

viewofglosThis is a photo of Gloucester taken from a viewpoint


Just had a laugh at our new years resolutions from the start of this year. I(Pete) think I’m the only one to have vaguely achieved those goals.
Just wondering what we will aim to achieve in the coming new year…

New years resolutions 2015

Pete: To spend more time with the family, and to eat a little bit healthier…
Georgina: To be more patient, & to play my clarinet and soprano saxophone again.

Hannah: To eat less chocolate and sweets, and to brush my hair daily.

Joshua: To be less ‘Mr Rush’, and to be more ‘Mr Careful’, and to keep my room tidier.