We’ve had a busy start to the half term holidays and a slower end to it.

Friday Pete & Joshua went on Bigman Littleman, whilst I was working a night shift. We had picked my niece up from her house after school and I had her until my sister came to pick her up and she also took Hannah who was staying the night with her cousin. When those two get together they’re as thick as thieves (to coin a phrase) and they had come up with a plan for the following day. As Andy was going to visit Bigman Littleman (Dad’s & lads camp) and Charlotte was going to be an ‘honorary boy’, the girls had decided it would be best if Hannah went with them so Katie would have company. Winner all round really as that meant I didn’t have to get up at a particular time to collect Hannah which was fab as I lounged around in bed till about 4pm (I had been to work and didn’t get in till 8am!!) and Hannah had an enjoyable time with her cousin.

Saturday was largely spent in bed!!! Bliss. Don’t get to do that very often as usually I have to be up for the school run everyday. I spent the afternoon baking Joshua’s cakes for his birthday cake. This year I made a Stonehenge cake as he really enjoyed his visit to Stonehenge in April. In the evening Hannah had a little pizza party and movie with her cousin and one of her best friends Abi.

On Sunday we left mid-morning to go to the New Forest area to visit my sister and brother-in-law for an overnight stay. We arrived just before lunch and went to the local shops to buy a picnic lunch and went out to visit Brownsea Island in Poole. Unfortunately we were only there a short while but it was lovely. We saw loads of red squirrels, they are such gorgeous creatures, darting here and there, eating nuts and their beautiful tales are amazing. We also saw a family of Canada geese with ducklings, It was so cute seeing the family waddling off together but one little duckling had got behind some grass which was quite tall (if you’re a duckling) and you could see the panic rising in the ducklings face and mannerisms as it couldn’t work out how to get out from behind the grass. Mum or Dad duck kept standing there and pacing back and forth not quite sure whether to keep up with the others or wait for the little one to get out. Eventually the little one made it out much to everyone’s relief. (There were a few spectators watching this event unfold, the dilema being should we help out or not!). In the evening we played Australian Monopoly and discovered that the mild-mannered Uncle Will is not quite so when it comes to Monopoly and his competitive side comes out, Hannah did well and stayed in the game for a good couple of hours. We could’ve played beyond that but she was getting tired – despite her protests to the contrary.

Monday was spent decorating what was to become “The Stonehenge Cake” and then we had the task of getting it back to Gloucester in one piece. We managed it, although some of the stones fell down. I thought it was quite in keeping with the history of Stonehenge!! Joshua loved it when he saw it as did the rest of the family when we had a birthday celebration at McDonalds that evening.

Tuesday we went to the National Space Centre with Joshua and his best friend. The kids really enjoyed themselves. They had to find 10 little aliens dotted around the museum, we saw some pieces from different space shuttles that had been donated to the centre, took part in a weather forecast, learnt about different planets with astronaught George, some astronaughts had made a plaster cast of their handprints and donated them to the centre which you could put your hands in to see if you had astronaught hands, and lots of other things. Unfortunately the kids’ attention spans aren’t the same as mine so it felt a bit like a whistle stop tour around each section, but the tickets we bought allow us to return as many times as we want in the next 12 months, to so I may go back with the kids in the summer.

The rest of the week I’ve been doing some extra shifts at work so we haven’t done that much. Kids are back to school on Monday and Pete is back at work so normality will resume. My next big event to plan for is Hannah’s birthday. It’s a zero birthday so I’m planning something a little extra special for her. Watch this space…..