Well I haven’t blogged for a while. Partly life is busy and partly cos I haven’t got round to it.

June saw Joshua move up to Cubs from Beavers but he also moved to a new pack to be with his friends. He really enjoys going to Cubs and I think it is such a good thing for him to do.  Joshua got invested into Cubs on the 7th July and I invited his Uncle Andy and Aunty Charlotte along as Andy lives just a few minutes away from where Cubs is held. I think Andy really enjoyed watching his nephew being invested.

I took Joshua and my nephew to Tredegar House, Newport, South Wales for the day which they both enjoyed. It is a National Trust property. I love it when Joshua gets so excited about us crossing over into Wales, its just so fun to watch how such a simple thing can make someone so happy.Joshua was amazing by the lawn gardens and really wished he could’ve lived there, it was lovely being able to be more hands on downnstairs as they have set the rooms out as they would’ve been used in the past. The upstairs of the property was strictly hands-off. We went on a picture treasure hunt finding clues to get the next answer which the boys thoroughly enjoyed.  One of the  things that struck me most about the house was that in the past the Morgan family, who owned Tredegar House, owned 40,000 acres spreading across Monmouthshire, Breconshire and Glamorgan but now the house is situated within 90 acres of land and, effectively, the M4 is in their back garden.

As the kids are in choir at school they are expected to take part in the music evening at school where those who have musical tuition take part in a performance. Its a chance for the children to show off their skills and what they have learnt in their lessons. Hannah & Joshua both sang in the choir, they did so well and the choir has improved so much since Mrs Overington and Mrs Hynes took on the mantle of Choir leaders. At the end of the summer term the kids received the long-awaited Young Voices letter which is a trip to Birmingham to the NIA to sing and perform with thousands of other school children and other musicians.

At school we also had the school fayre and the school disco’s, both of which were huge successes. As a member of the PTA committee I was at the school fayre for pretty much the whole day, helping to set up and checking that those who were running stalls had everything they needed. The school disco also went very well. I also took Hannah clothes shopping for her school trip to Osmingotn Bay which she was very excited by.

At the beginning of July Hannah went away with her cousin Katie and my parents to Legoland as part of their Christmas presents from my parents. They stayed with a couple of my (Georgina’s) Aunts and visited my Grandma as my Dad combined this trip with a visit to relatives living that way.

She also had a school trip to Osmington Bay, Weymouth which she thoroughly enjoyed. I got a little emotional as the coach pulled out of the school drive and disappeared down the road and out of sight. Its not the first time she’s been away from home and she has been to TRAC Camp and had sleepovers but it was the first time she had been away from home without direct adult supervision /support. I think Joshua found it strange with out his sister around, but on the other hand it was nice to have my little man at home with us by himself.

On the 13th July Pete & I celebrated 12 years of marriage. We went out to the Polash Indian restaurant for a meal with the kids. The biggest lesson learnt was that its best to wait until the kids are older to take them to a foreign cuisine restaurant as, for one reason or another, they ended up not eating their meals and we took them home in doggy bags which I ate later in the week.

The last week of school the children had their annual reports. Both were as expected. both are working largely within their expected levels for their ages. Both making good efforts in their class work. Both came home with merit certificates at the last merit assembly of the term. Joshua got his for trying to speak up more in class and Hannah got hers for much improved maths work.

We are now in the summer holidays and hopefully we’ll be getting up to allsorts of things and activities, that will be another blog post but for now here are some pictures of the things we got up to in June and July.