Pete Blagden

Pete enjoys working on computers, writing quick programs to get jobs done, expanding experience of working in different server environments (preferably Linux for it’s reliability, uptime, & powerful functionality).

I’m in to amateur radio and attend the local radio club, something that I used to be in to years ago.

I enjoy taking locks apart and creating mastersuites where one key can work everything, while other keys just work specific locks. I had a business called Mobile Lock Services some years ago and have been trying to re-establish myself in this field again but it takes time….
I love “playing” with locks and keys. There are some truly amazing cylinder locks out there, made with lots of thought and precision.
many people seem to call themselves locksmiths – you see it written on the back of a glazing van no and then, but typically all they see are euro locks fitted to uPVC doors. It frustrates me because if they got a call to gain entry through a specific mortice lock they wouldn’t have a clue – and wouldn’t have any stock on board to replace one. Anyway – rant over.