Pete Blagden

Pete enjoys working on computers, writing quick programs to get jobs done, expanding experience of working in different server environments (preferably Linux for it’s reliability, uptime, & powerful functionality).
I have fun creating websites for people in my spare time.

I’m in to amateur radio and attend the local radio club, something that I used to be in to years ago.

As the summer months seem to be here now, I have been spending time out in the sunshine cuttings lawns and hedges for people, and doing lots of general maintenance in and around the home.

Georgina Blagden

Georgina works for Gloucestershire Care Services on the Rapid Response team visiting patients in their homes in and around Gloucestershire, she also works for the local hospital trust.
She enjoys getting out on her bike and cycles for miles, and also goes to the gym regularly.
She gets involved with the local community as a youth worker at the local youth centre.
She helps with the CAP money course at church, and is also a street pastor with the Gloucester team.
Georgina was the secretary for the PTA at Hannah & Joshua’s school, but due to our family circumstances, she has stepped down from various commitments temporarily.

Hannah Blagden

Hannah loves music and dance, art, gymnastics, rollerskating and cooking cakes and biscuits with Mummy. She likes to paint her fingernails (normally all different colours).
Hannah loves animals and loves our cat Fudge, spending hours and hours with him. She says she would love to be a vet.
Hannah likes writing lots of things down & drawing – she likes science & maths at school.
She likes doing big projects for her homework, and is now in year 7 (first year of senior school).

Joshua Blagden

Joshua is now in year five at school, his favourite subjects are science, maths & english. He enjoys being a member of the school choir, last year they recently attended Young voices in Birmingham earlier this year.
Joshua attends a gymnastics class with Hannah, & he has proved to be very good at it.
He likes it when he can cycle his bike to school & he also enjoys going to Cubs. He is an avid book reader and loves visiting the library to borrow more books.
He is madly in to computers and two years ago built a 5 page website and uploaded it to the web on his own. He likes playing with the Scratch program builder to make games.