Wow, its 2015. That last year went fast. We had a good (but tiring – having been on a night shift) Christmas spent with my parents. On the 27th December we went to London to visit Andy, Charlotte and the kids as it was his birthday. It was a really good time spent with the family.

New Years Eve I (Georgina) was working the night shift, so it was a little strange watching the fireworks from the tower block rather than being at a friends house or at home watching the BBC’s coverage of London. I finished at 7:45am and when I got home unwrapped my secret santa present from work which was a massive fleecy blanket. It is luscious. After a couple of hours sleep it was time to get up and meet friends up at Crickley Hill for a brisk and breezy winter walk!! Nothing like a windy morning on the top of a hill to blow the cobwebs away. I love being able to meet up with old friends from our old church and catch up with them, friendships need to be valued and just because our situations change doesn’t mean that our friendships have to as well. We came back home with our God-daughter and her parents for homemade pizza and Joshua wanted to watch “Mr Popper’s Penguins”.

Later that day we went round to Pete’s parents house for dinner and the kids brought along their sock-pet making kits with them. Again, it was lovely to be able to share time with family – especially because of the difficult situation our wider family finds itself in with regards to health, its not always possible to share relaxing evenings together. Talk inevitably turns to both the brothers who are ill.

So what are our hopes and prayers for this year ?

Obviously health and restoration for both Andy & Rob, for strength for both their immediate families and the parents to keep positive and to maintain the level of support that is given to both boys.

For me, I really enjoyed last summer being able to organise and pay for our own holiday away in the trailer tent. This year I would like to go to Yorkshire but Pete’s not keen (will have to work on him). Also I need to visit my Grandma, she’s not getting any younger and although she is doing well for her age she is 91, soon to be 92 and suffers from Alzheimers. There is BigMan LittleMan camp coming up which Joshua has set his heart on going with his Dad. (It’s a Dad’s and Lad’s camp in Gloucestershire) Hannah would like to go on TRAC camp again this year. She thoroughly enjoyed herself last year and its really good that she can meet other youngsters from different towns and cities.

Pete started a new job on the 1st of December so I guess his hope is to improve in his work and to learn more about the products that he works with. He works in an office with computer software and helping customers to get the most out of it. I’m still at the local hospital and predominately working night shifts. I also work as a Youth Support Worker on a Monday evening.

Dear God, we lift up this year to you and ask for your blessings and abundant riches to fall on us, our friends and family. We pray that you will guide us in the decisions that we make and the things we do. We pray that in everything we do this year we will put you at the centre and will be known for our love, kindness, patience, goodness, joyfulness, peace and self-control.