Time is flying by and it is now mid-May. The elections have been and gone and this year I really struggled to know who to vote for so I did what any self-respecting voter would do and created a spreadsheet!! (Much to my husbands amusement) I read through the main bullet points on each party’s manifesto (which was found on the BBC website) and gave them a tick for each area such as health, education, policing etc. if I agreed with the majority of the pledges. However, if I found I didn’t agree with most of them or there was one pledge I just couldn’t go with then it got a cross and i did that for all the policy areas for each party. At the end of it two parties came out with the most ticks so I then looked into the local candidate and my vote went to the local candidate I thought would do the best my area. I won’t say what party I voted for and what I have voted for previously but it was very disconcerting to find that I was switching allegiances. To not vote would have been wrong. We are so very fortunate in this country to be able to vote, even if we don’t agree with the government that’s in office and even if in the end our vote didn’t make a difference we still should vote because people have fought and died to give us the vote and still do in other countries to this day.

On the 9th May the kids, my parents & I went to visit the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley. I’d bought tickets from living social on an offer from January so it seems like its been a long time coming. We had a lovely day out, a little windy and cold, but nothing us Brits aren’t used to. As it was the 70th Anniversary of the VE Day celebrations the museum were holding a street party for the first 60 kids in. We were on of the first 60 kids in and so they were asked if they wanted to join in the party. Silent shakes of the head and grabbing hold of me were the replies but being the mean mummy I am I said they would love to go and took two tickets hoping that by 2pm they would’ve defrosted a little and be willing to go. The museum recreates what life was like for people living in the industrial age as it took off around the Black Country. It was really interesting seeing the houses people lived in and the kind of lifestyle people led. We have a lot to be thankful and grateful for living in the age that we do.

What else have we to look forward to this month –

Joshua celebrates his 8th birthday in half term and he and his Dad are going away to a Dad’s and Lad’s camp called Big man Little man. He is very excited about both events. Whilst he is away Hannah and I will be doing a spot of cake baking for the little man and then we are going away overnight to visit my sister in the New Forest. Depending on the weather we will either visit an outdoor or indoor National Trust property.

For Joshua’s birthday we are going to the National Space Centre with his best friend for the day – 🙂

We are looking forward to a week of Annual Leave each 🙂

Below are some photos of our trip to the Black Country Living Museum.