This month was quite a busy month with it being Mother’s Day and my birthday. Another year closer to the big 40 but still got 2 years to go 🙂 Life seems to move at an ever increasingly frantic pace. The days and weeks seem to go by a lot quicker than they did when I was a child. I find that as you get older material things don’t seem so important as to having experiences and spending time with those people who are important to us.

I came off a night shift on Mother’s Day and so didn’t get my usual breakfast in bed as I was already awake. I came home and then went to church in the morning. During the service some little presents were given out to mum’s, I chose a box of salted caramel fudge as I had given up chocolate for Lent. In the evening we went to Za Za Bazar’s for my birthday which wasn’t too far away. Its become our venue of choice if we have a celebration in the family. Later in the week Pete & I took some good friends out for a meal to the local Toby carvery and then onto the cinema to see Selma (a film about the civil rights movement in America and how black people stood up and fought for their rights – an excellent film to see). On my birthday Joshua had a class assembly which parents were invited to and he had the opening line (and the closing line as the boy who was supposed to close the assembly wasn’t in school). My heart was bursting with pride seeing him opening the assembly and being confident in what he was saying. Its amazing how such things as these become more important than lots of presents. I couldn’t think of a better to start to the morning. Pete had booked the day of work. We were invited for lunch with Pete’s parents and his Aunt & Uncle and his Mum had cooked a delicious 3 course meal. In the evening we had a family gathering round at Andy’s bungalow with all the family members there. Aunty Chris had made a selection of cupcakes which we enjoyed. To finish the week of on Saturday evening I went with a friend to see !Audacious Band at the leisure centre. All in all a rather busy and epic week. One to remember.

Later in the week it was my Mum’s birthday and we celebrated by going on Joshua’s Beavers Treasure Hunt and I cooked a two course meal for afterwards.

I think that what is important is spending quality time with the people who are important to us and if they happen to bring a present for you then its a bonus. Life isn’t about material things, I can buy things for myself, its about the experiences we have on our journey and making those things count.

What is important in your life? What experiences and memories are you creating?